In recent history there have been some great creative partnerships.

In the world of computers:  Bill Gates + Paul Allen.
In the world of ice cream: Ben + Jerry.
In the world of magic: Penn + Teller.
In the world of science: Pierre + Marie Currie.
In the world of music: Lennon + McCartney.

Now in the world of Communications, Branding and Strategy there is a new partnership: Stepinoff and Associates has a new name: Stepinoff + Crosier.

With business opportunities expanding into new arenas, Steve Stepinoff and Scott Crosier are merging into a new business partnership: Stepinoff + Crosier.

We will continue to value long standing relationships, unwavering customer service and Communications, Branding and Strategy solutions that are second to none.

Stepinoff + Crosier pledge to all of our clients the same commitment, attention to detail and outstanding results that they have come to expect.