Independence Contract Drilling

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Independence Contract Drilling (ICD) was formed in 2011 with a unique niche in the industry. The company has a focus on best in class, state of the art, AC programmable Biofuel, multi directional walking rigs with leading edge technology.


The company was starting at ground zero with marketing materials and needed everything to communicate its presence in the industry, starting with basics such as stationery.

Shaping a New Brand

ICD knew what image it wanted to project so the goal was to establish it’s own unique and unifying branding strategy while it launched its presence in the industry. In addition to a new website, collateral marketing materials include a new capabilities brochure, a HR benefits guide, trade industry ads, a custom animated presentation, a video highlighting its ShaleDriller™ Walking Rig, special projects and ICD’s first annul report.

"Stepinoff + Crosier were key in the branding of Independence Contract Drilling. They helped us design, build and implement our website and developed our entire marketing strategy from stationery system to customer brochures. Their approach to providing total customer service and satisfaction was aligned with ours which provided for a true partnership relationship."
Ed Jacob
Former President & COO
Independence Contract Drilling